Youth Pastor

Pastor Rex grew up 25 miles north of ROLCC in San Mateo. Yes, a child of the bay and the amazing 80’s. After college, God sent Rex to Taiwan to play pro basketball. After ball, he got married to his awesome wife, Peilun, and had three amazing kids: Diean, who just graduated from college, Pauline, a college senior, and Sam, a high school senior. As a family, they love sports, eating, gaming (only Sam), cards, and spending time together. Pastor Rex also loves weight training and playing basketball because it allows him to eat more!



Administrative Coordinator

Catherine started attending ROLCC in 2012 after encountering the Lord. During her journey, she became passionate about raising up a generation that seeks an intimate relationship with the Lord. In 2015, she started serving as a youth counselor and started a campus ministry at her college. She enjoys country music, eating good food, playing with her dog, hiking, gardening, and editing pictures of food flat-lays.



Worship & Creative Arts Coordinator

Sisi started attending ROLCC in 2008 and served as a worship leader when she was in youth. She finds great joy in seeing students passionately and genuinely worshiping God. She may have an RBF at times, but she genuinely loves the youth and hopes to see them grow in their faith. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, browsing Yelp for new food places, and having long heart to heart conversations.



Cell Group Coordinator

Stacey is an elementary school teacher who enjoys traveling, watching Netflix, swimming, and having lunch with friends. She is blessed with two amazing daughters and a very handsome husband. Her favorite tea is A2 from Happy Lemon. She enjoys being around young people, and takes pride in having only five Facebook friends and actually knowing what an Instagram story is (though using it is still a struggle.)



Curriculum Developer

Chi started serving at ROLCC as a cell group counselor in 2014 and has served in a variety of capacities since then. She is deeply passionate about equipping the next generation with knowledge and tools to walk in relationship with their Creator, and is pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Western Seminary. She loved going on excursions with her dog Gumbo, watching political dramas on Netflix, scouting out local jazz concerts, and getting to know our youth over coffee (or milk tea!).



Sunday School Coordinator

David Huang is the Early Years Principal at International School of the Peninsula. He has been in the field of child and adolescent development for more 10 years. He is passionate about education as well as developing the whole child. David Huang is has a MA in Western Seminary and has been actively involved in children and youth ministry for many years. In his spare time, he likes to hike, read, and play instruments.



Head Parent Coordinator

Gilbert has been attending ROLCC since 2002. Over the years, he feels blessed by God in his family, work, and life. Gilbert loves to see people smile, and enjoys casual conversations as well as serious discussions about the meaning of life. When not working on air traffic control research at NASA, he can be seen singing in choir, playing basketball & volleyball, and visiting boba tea shops.



Parent Coordinator

Jimy started helping out in youth in 2013 because his sons were part of the youth ministry. Even though both of his sons are in college now, he still enjoys serving and seeing God work in the youth's lives. Jimy works as a software engineer focusing on application performance, and likes to run and play badminton after the work or during the weekends. He also enjoys attending worship conferences from Bethel, Hillsong United, Jesus Culture.